With over 35 years of experience in video game planning and design, I offer a range of specialized services to game developers and publishers worldwide. Whether you’re a small indie studio or a large gaming company, I can provide the expertise and insights you need to create exceptional games. Take a look at the services I offer:



Game Concept Development:

From brainstorming innovative ideas to refining concepts, I’ll help you create compelling game visions and outline core gameplay mechanics.


Game Design Documentation:

I’ll create comprehensive design documents covering game mechanics, level design, storylines, character development, and progression systems, ensuring a solid foundation for your project.


Game Design Review and Feedback:

Receive expert analysis and actionable feedback on your existing game designs. I’ll help you improve gameplay, balance mechanics, and enhance player engagement.


Game Balancing and Testing:

Through rigorous playtesting and balancing, I’ll ensure your game mechanics, difficulty levels, progression systems, and overall gameplay provide an optimal player experience.


Level Design:

I’ll craft immersive and captivating levels, including layout, puzzles, enemy placement, and interactive elements, tailored to your game’s vision and target audience.


Narrative Design:

Collaborate with me to develop captivating storylines, memorable characters, and meaningful player choices, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative experience.


Game UX/UI Design:

Optimize player interaction, usability, and visual aesthetics through expert guidance on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.


Game Production Consultation:

Benefit from my insights on production pipelines, project management methodologies, and best practices to ensure efficient development processes and timely delivery of high-quality games.


Mentorship and Training:

Aspiring game designers can leverage my experience through workshops, seminars, or personalized mentorship programs to enhance their skills and industry understanding.


Portfolio Review and Career Guidance:

I’ll provide personalized feedback and career advice to help game designers and professionals refine their portfolios and increase their chances of success in the industry.


Industry Trends and Market Research:

Stay ahead of the competition by tapping into my knowledge of the latest trends, market demands, and player preferences, enabling you to create successful and commercially viable games.

One of my greatest strengths in game design is my ability to develop highly detailed paper designs and diagrams. Let me share with you how this ability can benefit your project:


Comprehensive Design Documentation:

I specialize in creating comprehensive design documentation. These detailed paper designs and diagrams serve as a blueprint for your game’s development, providing a clear and organized vision right from the start.


Visualizing Game Concepts:

By leveraging my expertise in detailed paper designs and diagrams, I can effectively visualize your game concepts. This visual representation allows you and your team to gain a clear understanding of the game’s mechanics, systems, and overall structure early on.


Streamlined Development Process:

My meticulous approach to paper designs and diagrams contributes to a streamlined development process. Through thorough planning and documentation, we can minimize potential roadblocks, reduce iterations, and enhance overall efficiency during the development phase.


Effective Communication Tool:

These detailed paper designs and diagrams act as a powerful communication tool. They help me effectively convey my ideas, concepts, and design intentions to all stakeholders involved in the project. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and aligned with the vision.


Precise and Accurate Implementation:

I provide clear instructions and visual references through my detailed paper designs and diagrams. This helps development teams bring the game to life with precision and accuracy, minimizing any ambiguity or misinterpretation.


Efficient Iteration and Feedback:

With my detailed paper designs and diagrams, we can iterate and provide feedback efficiently during the design phase. By having a well-defined visual representation of the game’s mechanics and systems, we can quickly identify areas for improvement and collaboratively refine the design before production.


Visualization of User Experience:

Through my detailed paper designs and diagrams, I can effectively visualize the user experience (UX) aspects of the game. By mapping out player interactions, flowcharts, and UI wireframes, we can ensure a smooth and intuitive player experience, leading to higher player satisfaction and engagement.


Attention to Detail and Polish:

I’m committed to delivering polished and high-quality games, and my attention to detail in my paper designs and diagrams plays a crucial role. This meticulous approach allows me to identify potential issues, fine-tune mechanics, and ensure a cohesive and immersive player experience.

By leveraging my ability to develop highly detailed paper designs and diagrams, you can expect a comprehensive design documentation, streamlined development process, effective communication, precise implementation, efficient iteration, and a keen focus on user experience and polish.


I would be thrilled to bring these benefits to your project and work with you to create an exceptional game that exceeds expectations.