Are you seeking experienced assistance with your creative projects, whether they involve video games, mobile apps, websites, movie scripts, writing endeavors, logo designs, real-world product brainstorming, or any venture that demands innovative thinking?

Look no further!

Throughout my life, I have been driven by a singular passion: to continuously learn and elevate others’ ideas to new heights.

With a professional background spanning Game Development, Gameplay Design, Web Development, WordPress, HTML, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Design, Vinyl Sign Design, Staffing and Recruiting, Business Plan Development, Screenplay Writing, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, SketchUp Illustration, Video Editing, Sound Editing, and more, my expertise is multifaceted.

Over the years, I have contributed to projects for renowned companies such as Walt Disney, SONY, Warner Bros., and numerous others.

No matter the scale of your project, whether it is a small or large endeavor, whether you require assistance for an hour, a day, or an extended period, I am here to transform your vision into reality.

Let’s commence a conversation today and explore how we can breathe life into your projects!

About Me

As a seasoned veteran of the game industry, I possess an impressive track record of over 35 years in the field of game design and product development. Throughout my career, I have held notable positions such as the Manager of Design of Original Concepts at NAMCO, Senior Game Designer at CAPCOM and Midway Home Entertainment, as well as Senior Game Designer at Virgin Interactive Entertainment. Additionally, I have served as a design lead at Ready at Dawn Studios, among others.

My journey in designing and programming video games commenced in the early 1980s, and since then, I have contributed to the development of over 30 published games, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Having had the privilege to work with numerous game developers, both large and small, I have acquired an extensive breadth of experience across all facets of the industry. From design and development to project management, publishing, and recruiting, my expertise spans the entire spectrum.

With this wealth of knowledge and diverse skill set, I bring a comprehensive perspective to every project I undertake, ensuring a holistic and well-informed approach to game design and product development.

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